No Small Matters–Winter 2012

Hey there everybody–praying that you are enjoying the fellowship of Jesus as you live out His high calling for you in every aspect of life. Here’s some info for the next while:

Ephesians Teaching Series and forward–

I hope your heart and mind are being challenged and strengthened by walking through the big ideas of Ephesians. Life changing stuff to begin to grapple with. Living completely in the relentless grace and mercy of God. May it truly become like breathing for us–all in and all out. This series will take us through 3/18. Just a side note here that beginning this weekend (1/29), we will reverse stream the teaching from Worship North to Worship 24th on every last Sunday of the month.

Our next teaching series will begin on 3/25 and center around the aspects of Jesus, the Lamb–foretold, presented, slain, risen and ascended. What a great way to walk through Holy Week and beyond.

A little further out this spring will find ourselves in some study on discipling, the Church Has Left the Building and then a 4 week series in May on worship. We will have special guest Rory Noland, former Willow Creek Worship Pastor and the author of some great books on worship & arts topics with us on Saturday, 5/12 and Sunday 5/13. The Saturday gathering will be a training and encouragement time for all worship & arts personnel. Very excited to have him with us.

One last special item is that we will be hosting the Bethel University String Orchestra on Sunday 3/18. We will have them with us in services, both at W24 and WN, and then they will perform a concert at 4pm out at the Plex. We will need host families for these students that Saturday and Sunday–we will let you know more details in a bit on that.

Study Leave–

There are many reasons I am thankful to be serving with you at this church. One of the unique ones is the privilege of some concentrated time away to focus on study, planning and special projects. Beginning next week I will be taking that time and would ask for some prayer support from you. Mostly, I would ask for clarity–I have way too many things I’d like to accomplish, as well as an abiding sense of God’s presence along the way.

People Stuff–

Andres and Claudia Fuentes gave birth to their first child, Santiago, on January 13. Andres is a PhD student in Environmental Studies at ISU and has been active in choir this year. Ryan Sheeler will be performing at a benefit concert for the victims of a house fire in Jefferson. The concert will be at Jefferson HS on Sunday, 2/5–2pm.

Well, that’s enough for now. Continuing to pray “deeper in and further out” for all of us.


3 thoughts on “No Small Matters–Winter 2012”

  1. Very exciting to hear about all the upcoming events and opportunities coming in the near future!

    Just one question. What does it mean when you say “… we will reverse stream the teaching from Worship North to Worship 24th on every last Sunday of the month.”?

    1. David will be preaching live out at Worship North the last Sunday of every month, and Worship 24th will get him on the big screen for first service and then live for second.

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