No Small Matters–Winter 2011

Happy New Year

Hey there Worship & Arts family. I hope that your holidays were refreshing and fun, and a great time to deepen your hearts in the love of God. Here we are in 2011 already, so I thought we could catch up on some important dates and info ahead of us.

Preaching Series and Schedules

Pastor David will be taking us forward into a great new series out of 1 John beginning 1/9 and ending on 3/20. This seems like such a natural extension to me of where the Lord has been taking us already with the Undone series and the focus on connecting from our knees. David’s summary:

This series will “center around John’s opening words–namely, that a person’s joy is genuinely made full when the invitation from God to intimacy with Him is taken.

Amen. In February, we will have a week to focus on parenting and family life with the Better Together Conference.

Make sure to mark your calendars on this and be praying about who you could invite from your workplace, neighborhood or circle of friends. This will be a great front porch opportunity to connect with our community. Missions Team Sunday is 3/27 and then we move forward into Holy Week, with Palm Sunday (4/17), Good Friday (4/22) and Easter (4/24).

As always, there is alot of info available at the planning center.

Worship & Arts Family Table

Wednesday 1/19 we will be hosting an all WA gathering for a meal and conversation around worship ministries here at EFC. We’ll go over some of the responses that you submitted regarding this last 6 mos of worship ministry together. There’s still time to comment. Just make sure you get them in to Julie in the next week or so. Dinner will begin at 6:00pm and we’ll be done in time for rehearsal at 7pm. This will be a great time together–hope you can make it.

Last Words & Transitions

The Worship Choir is off to a good start this fall, but we’d love to see still more people celebrating the goodness of God and helping folks worship. Take a minute and think of someone you could invite to the next choir Sunday. All of the choir music through Easter is ready now for you, so please see Julie for a packet and CD.

Vocal Sectionals will be returning once a month, beginning in February. These Saturday sessions are required for all vocal team members and encouraged for choir folks as well. We’ll spend 90 minutes together going a little deeper on the skills that will help us be better worship leaders. Please mark your calendars for 2/12, 3/12 and 4/9 at 9:30am.

If you haven’t already walked through the No Small Matter worship training, make sure to sign up for this round. We’ll be hosting 2 opportunities again for this 4 week conversation on growing a bigger worship–Sundays at 7pm (Stomping Grounds) and Tuesdays at 7:00am (Cafe Diem). Groups begin Sunday 1/16. Materials are available through the church office.

After much faithful service at the piano, Joo-ae and her family have moved to Virginia. Laura Santiamagro has just let us know that she and Matt are expecting an expansion of their family–twins! She’ll need to step aside from worship team during the pregnancy. Please be praying faithfully for the health and development of these little ones.

As always, it is a very dear privilege to walk with and serve alongside all of you.

Draw near and worship big,

Wayne and the WA Staff Team (Julie, Jeremy and Zach)

One thought on “No Small Matters–Winter 2011”

  1. Thanks for the info! I look forward to the meal and discussion on Jan 19th. What can I help to bring? Thanks again for the chairs at choir practice last night, too! I truly appreciated your quick response to our/my comment!

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