No Small Matters–Summer 2012

Hey there Worship & Arts Family—

As we head into the summer, we wanted to take a couple of minutes to both look back at the year as well as peek around the corner to what is coming our way soon.

Worship North – Venue Launched!

Around this time last year the staff team was talking about the Worship Venue idea and whether we had the volunteer, staff time and financial dollars to make it happen.  After much prayer the decision to move ahead was made. We keep hearing good things from folks attending and we are so glad that it is becoming a place of deep connection and service. Thanks to the Worship North tech and worship teams for being super flexible and taking on the almost weekly volunteer hours associated with this service.  Please continue to pray we have more people step forward to serve!

Changes at Worship 24th Wow! 

Drum cage and stage changes.  LED lights, fabric and new paint. Wedding Walls. The room has changed.  It feels more intimate and welcoming.  Thanks everyone for walking through these changes this year!  It’s making a difference!  We are seeing people be more expressive with their worship, raising their hands and engaging with our great God!

Rory Noland and NSM

For those of you who missed our Saturday gathering with Rory Noland in May, Wayne will be setting up some small group opportunities to view the videos and have some conversation around the very important topics he brought to us. No Small Matter (round 3—lots of new revisions) groups will be forming again this Fall. If you have not yet gone through this 4 week conversation about growing a bigger worship, then this time around will be your chance. More info to come in late summer on both of these training opportunities.

Media Team Move To Pro Presenter

Wayne’s set the date as July 29th.  That is when we will move to Pro Presenter.  Media folks I need to hear from you.  How do you want to be trained?  How do you want to make the transition happen?

Graphics, Social Media, Website and Streaming Options

After 4+ years our church launched our new website this fall.  Jeremy started a Facebook site and really felt a strong desire to move to better streaming options for mobile devices.  God provided an answer to prayer through the New Livestream streaming option.

We’ve also been blessed by Dana North and her creative talents this past year. Dana does so much with the graphics and visuals.  It is awesome what she is doing!

Rumored Video Equipment Upgrade

Jeremy was planning to upgrade to HD capable equipment this summer, but that was before the facility sale decision.  The WA team feels that transition would be best planned into whatever the next phase of development.  Thanks for being flexible!

Shameless Plea

We are not sure what future development will be like on the carver property, but we would sure appreciate any suggestion for both Children’s Ministry (tech side of things) and Worship space.  If there are buildings (church or non-church) that you have seen across the USA that you think we need to see – send the information our way!

Call to prayer!  More volunteers!

We’ve had 2 volunteers that have never served in tech ministry before – step forward just in the past 2 weeks!  Praise the Lord!  That is AWESOME!  We need more!  We are always looking to have conversations with folks who want to help people connect with God through music, tech, drama or other means.

Facility Tech Operations Position update

After the first year of Erik Dunkin anchoring the tech team at Worship North the staff really felt like we needed dedicated tech leadership.  If you read the position description, this is a job doing about ½ tech and ½ facility cleaning/setup.  We have a great group of candidates for this position.  Interviews are happening this week with hopes to offer the job to a candidate very soon.

Assistant Worship Pastor Position update

We have the appinfo packet available online at our website, and have made personal contacts as well as general school and other placement contacts. Our search team is reviewing applications through 6/15 and then deciding on next steps with any candidates we would like to pursue. Please be praying here as well for the right person to step in and serve alongside all the great folks here at EFC.

Lastly, we want to say a special thanks again to Zach for his many, many years of consistent, committed service here at EFC. We are praying for open doors and next steps for he and Jenna, and are very excxited for what God has for them in this next season.

Deeper In and Further Out,

The WA Staff Team

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