No Small Matters–Summer 2011

EFC Worship & Arts Family—

thanks so much for a great closing out of my first year here in ministry. It has been a great initial season of new friendships and opportunities to help folks meet with God and grow a bigger worship. I shared this at our end of season gathering, but again would like you to consider and be encouraged by one number: 36,400.

Every week we have between 350-400 adults in each of our two services. I am a musician, so for the sake of easy math, let’s just say we average 700 total. Consider then that each of those people represents the opportunity to connect with God in a significant and life-changing way. Maybe it’s a broken heart that needs to know that God can heal and comfort. Maybe it’s a soul that has for too long locked God out—one that needs to take a step in humility and repentance. Maybe it’s the tired and lonely, the hurting and confused. Maybe it’s the one who has become numb and needs to be awakened to the life of Christ. Everybody comes in with the chance to meet with God. And you are a part of helping facilitate that opportunity.

Now let’s do the next level of the math.

Seven hundred chances to be shaped by the power and mercy of God every week.

52 weeks of the year.



What a privilege. Be encouraged that what you do makes a real, present-day and eternal difference for the Kingdom.

Important Info—Summer

Summer worship teams rotation/schedule is available at the planning center—look for the attachments lower left of any service order page (summer services summary 2011 v2.pdf).

Charts and packets—we are going to experiment this summer with NOT producing packets and cds for our teams prior to rehearsal. Instead, please print your music directly off the planning center and download the mp3s from there. We are paying for a brand new “rehearsal tracks” license that will allow us to do this legally. We should have that up and running in the next week or so. If you cannot access the planning center reliably or don’t have access to a printer, I can have some sets available at rehearsal—just let me know.  We’ll see how this goes and evaluate before going into Fall this way.

Possible Worship Venue in Fall at Plex—many of you are probably aware that we are prayerfully considering an additional worship service (9am) this Fall out at the Plex. While we have had some great discussions at the MLB and staff levels, this is just beginning to emerge into a broader conversation among the congregation. I would like to host a couple of Worship & Arts gatherings in the next weeks to help keep this dialogue moving forward. Please send me an email if you would like to be invited to one of these informal get-togethers. I have also posted the document at the planning center that we made available on Sunday PM.

People—please be praying for Zach (full-time WA internship starting up–my car really needs to be washed…..), Matt & KayLyn (new baby boy) and myself and the Kazakhstan Team (gone 7/15-29). I am sure you are aware of many other needs around you. Let’s pray for one another diligently.

2Th 1:11 NIV – With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may
count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every
good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith.

Draw near and worship big.



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