No Small Matters–November 2011

Hey there AFEFC Worship & Arts Family–hope this note is finding you immersed in the goodness of God and His incredible love for you. Thought I’d throw out some info, details and steps ahead as we move quickly into Advent and beyond.

Advent “Snow Days”–December 4/11 & 18 we will be exploring the idea of what happens when you have to slow down a little in our services. A few surprises are in store for Snow Days: What Happens When Your Schedule is Cancelled. In the midst of this Pastor David will be challenging and encouraging us from the lives and next steps of four personalities in the Gospel accounts surrounding Jesus’ birth. You will not want to miss these Sundays.

Christmas Eve–join us for two fantastic celebrations of Jesus’ birth. Two service options at two different times, both at 24th Street. At 5pm we will be offering a more traditional Christmas Eve service in terms of music and feel while 7pm will feature some modern re-working of the classics. If you enjoy Chris Tomlin’s “Glory in the Highest” CD, then this will be a great fit for your Christmas Eve. Both services will feature candlelit worship as we end.

Christmas Day–Sunday AM will find us at a single 10am service at 24th Street. This service will be a bit shorter and more family-oriented. Come join us and then have a great day celebrating Jesus.

New Years Day–we will be gathering for one service only at 24th Street, 10am for this day as well. January 8 will put us back at our normal 24th Street and Worship North schedules.

2012–We are heading into some great worship and teaching series’ in 2012, including an extended stay in Ephesians, powerful Passion Week services and a 4 week series on Worship in the month of May. The Winter 2012 Services Summary (v2) is uploaded now at the planning center. You can go there and see what is ahead, as well as your team rotations all the way through May.

Finally, all glory to God and thanks to everyone involved for a great launch to our Worship North Venue and the ongoing good work at our 24th Street gatherings. My prayer is simply this: deeper and further. I am asking God to draw us in ever-deeper into His presence and power, and then to send us out ever-further into a world that desperately needs to know the abiding hope and love of God in Jesus Christ. Would you join me in this prayer and work?

Serving alongside you with pleasure,



One thought on “No Small Matters–November 2011”

  1. Thanks, Wayne, for the heads up about the month(s) ahead. There’s never a dull moment with Jesus, is there? I hope you get to enjoy the leadership you will be providing during the days ahead; love that word, “with pleasure,” in your closing above. Sincerely, Glenna

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