Bigger 3.0 Available Now

Bigger cover jpgPhew. It’s done.

The rewrites, more rewrites, feedback, and edits are done.

Begun last October, this version of Bigger is an attempt to paint a broader conversation around the topic of worship than just what happens on Sundays, placing it more into the category of ongoing, whole-life spiritual formation.

We just finished up another four week group and it was so encouraging to hear the take-aways at the end and the new thinking that had formed among us about what this thing called worship might really be all about.

If you are interested, you can check out some chapter excerpts under the menu at the top of this page as well as get the book at:

**CCAmes Family, please contact me directly for copies as we get wholesale pricing for them.

Praying that this helps foster a good conversation and grows something bigger among us.

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